My friend Wendy Busk made this granola for me. We enjoyed it so much I had to share it with you. Hope you enjoy. Thank you Wendy!   

 ¾ cup veg oil (soy)
   1 cup honey (local)
   2 teaspoon vanilla
   Warm  up the oil and honey a little and then whisk in the vanilla.
Pour over the following and stir.
   5 cups whole, uncooked oats
   1 cup whole natural almonds
   1 cup chopped or whole walnuts  (I pile the nuts on top of the oats –so they get well-coated with the honey/oil mixture—they get crunchier that way)
Line two cookie sheets, or cake pans with parchment paper (edges coming up sides a bit), pour granola in and flatten out
 1 tablespoon or so packed brown sugar, (sprinkle over flattened granola)

Bake at 310° for 30 minutes, stir; put back in the oven for another 15 minutes and keep watching and stirring until dark golden brown. 
Let cool and add in
·         ½ cup cran-raisins
·         ½ cup golden raisins
·         ¾ cup chopped dates

 You can put your own spin on this sort of recipe in a million different ways!




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